Learn more about Curv's newest tech breakthrough 

See how Curv Air Gap, the next evolution in Curv’s keyless cryptography, gives clients the ability to supplement their online transactional wallet with an offline, air-gapped machine to securely sign transactions.

Curv Air Gap delivers keyless cryptographic security and threshold signing that:  

  • Allows organizations to enjoy all the security benefits of the traditional “cold wallet” concept without any of its drawbacks
  • Eliminates insider threats, risk of unauthorized access and physical vulnerabilities 
  • Reduces incremental costs associated with cold storage
  • Supports regulations that require digital assets to be air-gapped or signed offline

“We face different regulatory requirements across the globe that dictate various offline storage models for key management and signing mechanisms. Curv Air Gap allows us to quickly and easily meet those requirements, and to address key operational and security limitations of cold wallets. 

- Israel Kalush, VP of Engineering